chavez_0 Courtesy: Marcopolo2007/WikimediaCommons
7 March 2013

Hugo Chavez: The leader and his legacy

Although Hugo Chavez has been long criticised for the economic problems Venezuela now faces, the excessive social spending has helped cut poverty in half over the last decade. Despite the current issues, the vast majority of Venezuelans today are better off than they were in 1999.

GLOBALIZATION 2.jpg FINAL Courtesy: RambergMedialmages
28 October 2012

Financial Markets as the New WMDs

The unchecked powers of globalized markets are the new weapons of mass destruction. As Edward Goldberg explains, this is particularly problematic because the raw power of global markets is so much greater than the ability of modern democracies to protect their citizens against that power.

Class, creed and colour: How others deal with it Courtesy: José Cruz/ABr
25 October 2012

Class, creed and colour: How others deal with it

Though there have been success stories in Brazil from impoverished or underprivileged backgrounds, few or none tend to claim 'victimhood.' Recently, however, responding to the need for balance and equity, Brazil is about to initiate affirmative action, particularly in the field of education.

Latin America: the next frontier in Muslim-Jewish relations Courtesy: Flickr/Nicola Corboy
22 May 2012

Latin America: the next frontier in Muslim-Jewish relations

Optimism prevails over Muslim-Jewish relationships throughout Latin America. A recent initiative by the Islamic Society of North America and the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, to strengthen communication and cooperation between Muslims and Jews, is proving to be a win-win situation for both communities.

Kick Argentina out of the G20? Absurd Courtesy: Marianocecowski/WikimediaCommons
4 May 2012

Kick Argentina out of the G20? Absurd

Argentina’s re-nationalization of its oil company has triggered a veritable frenzy of anti-Argentine sentiment around the world. Some people even suggest that Argentina should be expelled from the G20. The author discusses the absurdity of this idea and outlines the reasons why it is still a major economy.

How to create resilient agriculture Courtesy: Flickr/businesspictures
21 March 2012

How to create resilient agriculture

Durable food security and agricultural growth depend on development strategies with resilience built in from the start. Similarly, Africa needs to be pragmatic in dealing with its resources and environment, which can lead to sustainable agricultural development.

Somalia: No Sovereignty without Security Courtesy: Flickr/AMISOM SOMALIA
17 March 2012

Somalia: No Sovereignty without Security

There is an urgent need to rebuild Somali National security apparatus. Somalia cannot claim or reclaim, its sovereignty, until its internal security becomes independent from any coalition or peace-building forces.

Childless By Choice Courtesy: anantal/flickr
2 March 2012

Childless By Choice

With more people choosing to not have children, it will have consequences for government programs for the aged and undesirable implications for the elderly. Other repercussions will follow: smaller cohorts of children, increased population aging and demographic imbalances among educational groups.