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4 April 2017

The New World Order | Episode 5, Rise of China: part two

China's strong economic foreign policy has created strong dependency chains around the world. This dependency has often resulted in major geopolitical gains both regionally and internationally. Join us as we discuss the impact that China has had in the South China Sea, Regional Organisations and the International Community. This is the concluding episode to a two-part special on the Rise of China.

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28 March 2017

The New World Order | Episode 4, Rise of China: part one

China has had a remarkable journey on the world stage. After a series of economic and political reforms more than thirty years ago, the country has since gone forth to dominate the geoeconomic playing field as a major investor around the world. This is the first in a two-part special on the Rise of China

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14 March 2017

The New World Order | Episode 2, a shift in U.S. foreign policy

The Presidency of Donald Trump is considered to have heralded the end of the post-1945 world order. This opinion has arisen due to some of his policies, which seek to uproot the U.S. from its self-made mandate as the leader of international peace, security and trade. Is the U.S. undergoing a global retreat? If so, what are some of the steps that the international community can take?

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7 March 2017

The New World Order | a podcast series

The post-1945 geopolitical order is crumbling. The cracks are highlighted by the uncertainty posed by Trump's America, the multiple crises facing Europe, the chronic conflict and destabilisation of West Asia and the rise of China. There is a geopolitical reconfiguration underway, one which needs to be understood. Tune into The New World Order, a new podcast series from Gateway House, designed to observe, define and help you understand the changing political trends across the world. Subscribe now and be the first to hear new episodes.

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4 January 2017

Pakistan: deftly playing West Asia and China

With the purchase of a 40% stake in the Pakistan Stock Exchange by a consortium of Chinese companies,China's influence in the region has expanded. That, coupled with former Pakistani Chief of Army Staff, Raheel Sharif, likely to be appointed defence advisor to the Saudi Arabia-led Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism (IMAFT), significant geopolitical changes are afoot - with Pakistan in the driver's seat.

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