Dev Lewis

Dev Lewis

Marketing and Research Manager at Infosys China

Dev Lewis is Marketing and Research Manager at Infosys China and a Digital Asia Hub Research affiliate. He was formerly the Digital Media and Content Coordinator at Gateway House. He graduated from Roger Williams University in 2013 with an undergraduate degree in International Relations with specializations in economics and mandarin. Prior to this, he interned at the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic studies, Washington DC, and worked as a researcher at the Chunqiu Institute, Shanghai. Download high-res bio image

International Relations, Chinese politics, internet governance, China, Mandarin

Last modified: April 18, 2018

Recent projects

Central_beijing Courtesy: Wikipedia
5 April 2018 Gateway House

A tech upgrade for India-China relations

Chinese technology companies that are steadily establishing themselves in India have the potential to transform the scenario for entrepreneurs, consumers and governments even in the face of geopolitical tensions. The Indian government should view this development as an opportunity and an asset
Xiaomi India Courtesy: Alibaba, Xiaomi, Wechat
18 May 2015 Gateway House

China and Digital India

Less than two years ago most Indians would struggle to name a Chinese company. Fast forward to the present, Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi is on the tips of everyone’s tongue. Chinese internet giants Alibaba, Tencent and Xiaomi have emerged as investors and major players in India’s fast growing e-commerce and internet space. Their emergence marks a new and exciting area of cooperation and engagement between India and China
Under the dome_India's daughter Courtesy: YouTube
12 March 2015 Gateway House

India, China and censorship

In the past week two documentaries that went viral in China and India were banned. In China, a documentary about pollution. In India, a documentary about the Nirbhaya rape incident in 2012. India's decision to ban the film suggests that the government's approach to censorship is starting to look more like China's
devcybersecurity Courtesy: danxoneil / Flickr
15 November 2013 Gateway House

Controlling cyberspace

Across the globe, governments trying to control the internet are violating the privacy and rights of internet users. China’s censorship model is limited to its borders, the U.S.’ surveillance affects everyone internationally. A multilaterally-acceptable mandate for cyber governance is now an imperative.