Akshay Mathur

Akshay Mathur

Director, Research and Analysis, and Fellow, Geoeconomics Studies

Akshay is the Director of Research and a Fellow of Geoeconomic Studies. His research focuses on the architecture of international business, finance and trade, and its impact on geopolitics. Before joining Gateway House, he worked as a Principal Architect with Fidelity Investments in Boston in the advanced research, strategy formulation, and business architecture. He has an MBA from Boston University’s Questrom School of Business with concentration in Finance and Business Analysis and research focused on transnational business and global macroeconomics. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from the School of Computer Science at University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Akshay is an alumnus of Mayo College, Ajmer. He is the co-founder of an NGO called Aasra Gramin Vikas Sansthan and of a social enterprise called Khushi Farms, both based in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India.

Geoeconomics studies, International business, International finance, International trade and International economics

Last modified: August 10, 2017

Recent projects

G20 image Courtesy: G20
6 July 2017 Gateway House

G20’s midlife crisis

The G20’s response to the economic crisis was effective, the expansion of its scope was logical – but it risks losing relevance if it does not deliver on concrete economic policy design
3W7A0116 Courtesy: Gateway House
13 April 2017 T20 Germany

T20 Mumbai: Perspectives on the emerging world economy

Gateway House hosted a T20 meeting in Mumbai on February 14, 2017 in collaboration with the Kiel Institute for the World Economy and the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, with support from GIZ and Siemens India. This was the third time Gateway House hosted a T20 meeting; previous editions were held in 2015 under the Turkish Presidency with the leading Turkish think tank TEPAV, and in 2016 under the Chinese Presidency with the leading Chinese think tanks — Institute for World Economics and Politics, Shanghai Institute for International Studies, and Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies.
_DSC1019 Courtesy: T20 China
4 August 2016 Gateway House

T20: Thinking for G20

The T20 Summit held in Beijing last week provided an opportunity for scholars, think tank representatives, and government officials to engage in meaningful discussion of global economic governance in preparation for the G20 summit in September. The summit's organisers and participants are now taking greater steps to produce more tangible and relevant policy options for the consideration of states worldwide, in the context of fostering global good.
1030193796 Courtesy: Sputnik
18 February 2016 Lowy Interpreter

India: shaping economic multilateralism

In recent years, India has elevated its commitments to multilateral economic institutions - demonstrating the determination to shaping economic multilateralism. The result of this has been uneven, but it has yielded important questions


stuenkel Courtesy: Lexington Books
21 December 2015 Gateway House

The BRICS and the future of global order

Oliver Stuenkel's book provides a well-researched account of the evolution of BRICS – starting from the forum’s inception in 2009 to the present – and the interactions between Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa on global issues.

Speeches & Statements
G20 Leaders’ Summit 2015 in Turkey
15 November 2015

G20 Leaders’ Summit 2015 in Turkey

Akshay Mathur, Director of Research, Gateway House, attended the Think Tank (Think 20) Summit in Antalya, Turkey. He comments on the Turkish presidency and India's contribution to the G20.

AIIB Courtesy: file photo/Xinhua
1 April 2015 Gateway House

The new multilateral financial architecture

The announcement that major European powers will join the AIIB as founding members means the bank is now clearly accepted as a tangible game changer in the multilateral financial architecture. The formidable intentions of AIIB and the new transnational corridors project are both a challenge and an opportunity for India
B20 in G20 Courtesy: b20coalition.org
26 February 2015 Gateway House

Reconfiguring the role of business in G20

The B20 forum has become an important advisor to the G20, bridging the gap between business and foreign policy. Its effectiveness will depend on whether it can emerge as a solutions provider for the G20 and not just an advocacy forum. Indian business can play a vital role in shaping this mandate